Case studies

Case Study: Basic training

“We already know Diversity and Inclusion is important. But our organization is large and we need to have everyone have at least some basic training. What can you do for us?”

Situation: A large government agency created a diversity and inclusion framework that required systemic change. They needed training for everyone in their organization – from senior leadership to front-line workers and administrative staff. However, they knew that full-day in-person training was not a viable option for many of their divisions. They contacted CRC Consulting for their expertise in systemic change and to provide some recommendations on how to provide training that would work for all areas of their organization.

What CRC Consulting Did: CRC Consulting provided a variety of training options and helped the client to determine which modality would best meet the needs of their various divisions. The senior leadership of the organization was interested in a series of lunch and learns that took the form of facilitated conversations on key diversity and inclusion topics. CRC Consulting created a series of webinars with follow-up assignments and email support to meet the learning needs of the administrative staff. For the frontline workers, CRC Consulting partnered with two other grassroots community organizations to design a four-day training course that incorporated theoretical knowledge, community voices and perspectives and practical application of the material. We also led the creation and facilitation of a community of practice for the HR consultants. CRC Consulting is experienced in creating training that is engaging, interactive and participatory regardless of the modality that is used to deliver the content.

Benefits: Using a number of different modalities enabled us to work with the entire organization simultaneously and participation was high as the format used in each division respected participants’ time and preferred mode of learning. The evaluations from all the divisions indicated that the entire organization had established a shared vocabulary around diversity and inclusion and that everyone participating in the training understood their role in advancing equity in the system.