Case studies

Case Study: Bias reduction and racial equity

“A municipal policing organization needs to provide training on bias reduction and racial equity, it’s also looking to develop stronger officer recruitment strategies with diverse communities.”

Situation: A large municipal policing service had made a public commitment in partnership with the city to ensure that senior and mid-level staff and officers understood and could act on incidents of racism. The service was also interested in ensuring that organizational policies and practices were equitable, fair and ensured the highest level of service to a diverse community.

What We Did: In partnership with the municipal government, the municipal police service retained CRC to develop and deliver training for the entire senior leadership up to the deputy chiefs. The training consisted of 3 full days run several times over a year. Using a collaborative needs assessment process that understood the unique culture of law enforcement and working with the Equity Diversity and Human Rights Unit of the police service, CRC consulting was able to create an educational process that allowed members to discuss issues such as bias in policing, equity policy, community engagement, and working with Aboriginal, visible minority and newcomer populations.

Benefits of the Process: Outcomes of the training ensured a solid conceptual base for leadership to work on equity and operationalize the knowledge with front line staff and officers. CRC’s training created a common language and point of reference for the service to engage in strong equity and human rights practices and established in the eyes of many community members the determination and commitment to engage in fair truly community based policing.

During the training leadership recognized a need to have CRC work specifically with the Recruitment and Selection Unit of the service. The unit had been given a mandate to recruit several new classes of recruits and was looking to ensure that their processes recognized bias and ensured culturally competent recruitment of new members. CRC developed a strong training and community engagement module that allowed the unit to reflect on how it reaches out to diverse populations and ensured that there was a robust understanding of how cultural bias can impact the selection process.

Outcomes of the partnership included the development of a policy on the recruitment of women who wear hijab, recognition of the importance of retired officers, and the development of practices to engage more effectively with under-represented groups in the municipal police service.

CRC’s work with law enforcement is ongoing and adaptive. If your agency is interested in collaborating to make your service more diverse, culturally competent and equitable, give us a call!