Case studies

Case Study: Serving diverse families

“Across the province, our member organizations have requested information on how to serve diverse families, specifically for our sector. We want to build on what’s already proven successful.”

Situation: A provincial umbrella organization needed to support their diverse member organizations in responding to the changing demographics of the communities they serve. They knew that there were already some best practices in the field but they needed someone to compile that information and to help translate that knowledge into a format that would resonate with their membership.

What CRC Consulting Did: We worked with the umbrella organization to create a needs assessment and survey of best practices to send to their member agencies to determine the issues and common questions that their practitioners were facing as well as to capture some good practices that already existed in the field. We analyzed the data from the survey and created a report of the findings with recommendations for moving forward. This led to research on best practices outside of the organization (nationally and globally) and the development of learning materials and a training session that was delivered throughout the province to member organizations.

Benefits: Conducting a survey within the organization first (i.e. before looking for best practices elsewhere) gave the diverse membership a voice in the process and helped the client to clarify what the common issues were throughout the province. This also helped CRC Consulting to understand the organizational culture and to create materials that reflected the context that the practitioners were working in and to validate the good work that was happening already by integrating those internal best practices into the overall strategy. The member agencies were able to co-create the solutions to the problems that they faced and this resulted in engagement and interest in applying the new practices and strategies that were recommended.