Case Studies

We have worked with a diverse group of organizations in the private, public and not for profit sector. Our case studies provide real-world examples of how we work with our clients to maximize the benefits of diversity.

Case Study: Inclusion in transportation

Situation: A large transportation company comprised of about five hundred drivers and three hundred other employees wanted to develop a strategy on diversity and inclusion. Read more

Case Study: Bias reduction and racial equity

“A municipal policing organization needs to provide training on bias reduction and racial equity, it’s also looking to develop stronger officer recruitment strategies with diverse communities.”

Situation: A large municipal policing service had made a public commitment in partnership with the city Read more

Case Study: Basic training

“We already know Diversity and Inclusion is important. But our organization is large and we need to have everyone have at least some basic training. What can you do for us?”

Situation: A large government agency created a diversity and inclusion framework that required systemic change. Read more

Case Study: Serving diverse families

“Across the province, our member organizations have requested information on how to serve diverse families, specifically for our sector. We want to build on what’s already proven successful.”

Situation: A provincial umbrella organization needed to support their diverse member organizations in responding to the changing demographics of the communities they serve. Read more