Curricula for Youth

CRC Consulting can also develop numerous types of education and programming for youth. Our Consultants have years of experience in youth programming for diverse groups and projects. All of our adult training, including webinars and online materials, can be adapted for youth audiences and there are specific youth options below. All of our education is highly experiential and interactive to ensure engagement and participatory learning.

Consulting for Youth Programs
Sometimes you have an existing idea or project but need the right expertise to facilitate the delivery. Or you may need help in the planning stages to ensure that you get off to the right start. We have consultants and programmers who can help you to meet your program outcomes from project initiation to closing. Organizations have brought us in to help with developing programs for culturally diverse groups, or to incorporate equity perspectives into existing programming.

Youth Leadership
The most general and comprehensive of our youth programming is the development of leadership modules or sessions that can be incorporated into existing programming or curriculum or as standalone segments. We work with schools, youth groups, non-profits and other public institutions like law enforcement to help connect their programing to the diverse youth communities they interact with and serve. Possible Themes:

  • Conflict Transformation
  • Communication Skills
  • Facilitation skills
  • Community Development
  • Responding to Discrimination

Discrimination Response
We provide specific training using youth-based approaches and pedagogy to ensure participants have a strong capacity to deal with discrimination effectively, safely and with confidence.

Bias and Stereotype Awareness
With a constant media and information stream, youth are exposed to thousands of messages and ideas every time they log onto a computer or pick up their smart phone. How do they sort out the negative and harmful from the accurate and fair? Now more than ever youth need to build skills around media literacy and the science of bias and this session engages youth in a conversation about stereotypes and bias and their impacts.

Arts Based Programming
We can help design and deliver youth programming using arts based approaches from theatre to visual and media arts.

Past curriculum and projects that can be adapted can be found below to our partner non-profit the Centre for Race and Culture:

Bamboo Shield Program
Keshotu Leadership Academy
Peace Ambassadors
Race and Respect