How We Work

We start where you are…

We have learned the most important factor in maximizing the benefits of diversity is a solid understanding of our clients.

Your workplace or community has its own culture, values and context. We incorporate your expertise and knowledge to ensure the solution is sustainable and relevant.

One of our first steps is to undertake a needs assessment. It may vary from a simple conversation to an organizational wide survey. In both instances, though, we co-create a solution tailored for your situation.

The options we provide are based on both research and practical experience…

CRC Consulting is a social enterprise company that sprung out of the expertise from the Centre for Race and Culture. Diversity and inclusion is a new and changing field and this innovative work needs to be informed by both formal research and experience in the field. We use best practices where it’s appropriate, but balance this with the practical knowledge we have gained from working directly with diverse communities and the agencies that serve them.

We are accountable to our own mission of diversity, inclusion and equity…

Unlike other consulting firms, we are a social enterprise whose shareholders are the community. CRC Consulting’s mission is to foster diversity, inclusion and equity by collaborating with individuals, organizations and systems. What does this mean for you? We won’t offer a recommendation unless we think it will legitimately move your organization or community towards inclusion.

…which all leads to specialized expertise in diversity and inclusion.

Our services focus on diversity and inclusion. We don’t claim to be versed in all sectors or operations – that’s your expertise. But, we know that intentional and coordinated efforts in diversity and inclusion result in success. And we’d like you to experience that success too.

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