Where We Came From (Our Story)

Diversity and Inclusion work is complex.

It requires a specific knowledge base and the capacity to persuade others – from frontline staff to leadership – about the value of including all – regardless of race, gender, age, ability, sexual orientation, religion or other difference.

That’s how our consulting business started. We received phone calls from teachers and principals seeking advice on how to manage diversity. They wanted the insight of people who had already navigated the complicated journey of making inclusion work. They needed people who had experience building trust to hear the concerns of those who had been excluded in the past.

Five years ago, with the boom of Alberta’s economy and the subsequent labour shortage, all sectors started to seek our support. We began work with the private sector, law enforcement, other social sectors and all levels of government.

Our social enterprise continues our practice of proven, specialized expertise and contributes its profits earned back to the non-profit organization in which it was fostered, the Centre for Race and Culture.

CRC Consulting is pleased to contribute to your efforts to make inclusion a reality.

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