Eugene Chok

Eugene Chok, Accountant

Eugene Chok (B.B.A, C.G.A.) – After completing his Bachelor of Business Administration degree at the Texas Tech University, he immigrated to Canada in search of the good life and an opportunity to develop his skills in the field of accountancy. From 1980 to 2000 he worked as an accountant in both industry and government organizations. Along the way he picked up a professional Accountancy Designation with the Certified General Accountant Association of Alberta. In 2000 he accepted an offer to work as an Accountant with The Alberta Lung Association and has continued working in the Non-Profit sector since. He admires the strong commitment that the NGO workers hold toward their cause and plans to finish his career in this sector. In his spare time he teaches Tai Chi Chuan to seniors at the Chinese Freemason Association in Edmonton.

+1 780-425-4644

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