Roxanne Felix-Mah


Roxanne Felix-Mah, Associate Consultant

Roxanne Felix-Mah (BSc., MSc.) has over twelve years of experience in the government and non-profit sector. She has worked with the civic government, provincial government, and the Public Health Agency of Canada. Roxanne currently serves as the Program Manager with CRC, where she is responsible for supporting youth programming and other consulting services in Cultural Crossroads. She is also currently an Adjunct Assistant Professor with the Centre for Health Promotion Studies, School of Public Health at the University of Alberta.

Roxanne has lived in Canada her whole life and is the daughter of Filipino immigrants who came to Edmonton in the 1960s. She has worked primarily in the fields of settlement services, health promotion and mental health. Roxanne has interest and experience in working in capacity building and community development. Roxanne a Program Manager and Senior Consultant.

+1 780-425-4644

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