What if I have a limited budget?
First we will work with you to build a clear understanding of the outcomes that you are looking for and then we will offer a variety of options to meet your needs. Our consultants are experienced with working with all sizes and types of organizations (and the budgets that come with them). We can assist you with making a business case for diversity and inclusion work that might help you to secure additional funds or we will recommend some smaller deliverables that we can reasonably complete within the budget that is available to you.

Will I be able to influence the content of any kind of cross-cultural training?
Yes! Training is most valuable when participants see the relevance to their work and they can put it into practice. Before we plan the content of a workshop or a training session, we conduct a needs assessment with our clients to understand their organizational context and to determine the topics and training methods that will resonate with the participants. We never deliver “cookie-cutter” workshops; our facilitators have decades of facilitation experience amongst them and they will customize content beforehand or even “on the fly” during a workshop in response to participants’ comments, questions and needs.

What can you offer if we want people from different geographic sites to take this training?
Our consultants can travel to any number of locations to deliver training or they can provide webinars or e-learning options if it is not possible to deliver in-person sessions. Contact us to learn more.

It is difficult for our people to sit in a workshop for a whole day. Can you offer other suggestions?
If time is a consideration, there are many other options besides a full-day workshop that can achieve your learning goals. Perhaps a series of lunch-and-learns with follow-up assignments and email support in-between each session will work effectively in your organization. Maybe an introductory webinar and then a half-day practical in-person session will produce great benefits for your employees. Start the conversation [Contact us] and we can help you to determine the format that will work for you.

If your concern is related to people staying engaged for a whole day, our experiences with the hundreds of workshops we have delivered is that our interactive and participatory training design keeps participants moving, interacting and actively learning throughout the day. We do not lecture for hours on end nor do we exclusively use handouts and Power Point slides.

We are not ready for training or training might not be the answer we’re looking for. We need to start by assessing the need for this work at all levels of our organization before moving forward with solutions. What can you do for us?
We are experienced with conducting focus groups, needs assessments and organizational audits. Our consultants understand that creating lasting organizational change can be a long-term commitment and we will help to guide you through this process. Many people think that training is the only option but there are a number of approaches we can use to create a more inclusive environment. Contact us to determine the best strategy to begin with.

This situation is really complex. What approaches do you take for such sensitive topics?
We start where you are. Some groups need to build a foundation for diversity and inclusion work by learning some basic terminology and starting to have some surface-level discussions about this topic; other groups might be looking for advanced training on specific topics such as, managing diverse teams, reducing systemic discrimination or equitable evaluation practices. The approach we take will depend on both your organizational culture and the knowledge and experience you have with the subject matter.

How do I get started?
Start the conversation with one of our knowledgeable consultants. We will discuss your needs and a realistic timeline and budget on how to help you meet your inclusion goals.

If we want to work on inclusion and diversity, who else from our organization should be involved in the discussion?
Diversity and inclusion can affect many different parts of an organization, from human resources to communications. You can start with training in one department or engage the whole organization in a needs assessment. We can discuss with you where your organization is ready to start and suggest which other stakeholders should be involved to ensure the success of your project.

I don’t see an organization like ours on your list of previous clients. Our workplace culture is unique and our sector is very specific. Can you still work with us?
Part of our process in working with clients is to understand their organizational culture. We have found the best way to make inclusion a reality in your organization is to combine our expertise on diversity and your expertise on your sector.

You say that CRC Consulting is a social enterprise. What does that mean?
CRC Consulting is focused on providing specialized services to organizations, like other consulting firms. However, the profit from our organization contributes to social good in our community by supporting its parent agency – the Centre for Race and Culture, a non-profit organization. CRC Consulting, as a social enterprise, has its own mission of promoting diversity, inclusion and equity in organizations and communities. As a result, you can be assured that our support to your organization is grounded in our own accountability to the community.

CRC Consulting is affiliated with the non-profit organization, Centre for Race and Culture that has its own mandate. How will that affect the service you provide to me as a client?
CRC Consulting believes that being a social enterprise strengthens the services that we provide to our clients. Our shareholders are community members. We are committed to provide solutions to clients that help them work towards inclusion and the community holds us accountable to those solutions. Our affiliation with the Centre is one that is rarely available to larger consulting firms. As a result, you are working with consultants that not only have commitment to inclusion work, but specialized expertise as well.